Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Resolution. I AM RESOLVED

Hello 2017! May you be a better, kinder, gentler year. Last year was just a little brutal with the death of friends and a nasty streak in global political terms. This year will be my year to rectify the wrongs done by the narrow-minded and the mean-spirited.

I have begun the year by writing for he protest website #NastyWomenEverywhere. This is a group of women who believe that if you are going to grab us by the pussy then you better be ready for pussy grabbing back.

You can read my contributions HERE and HERE

My next task has been to experiment with form at the dark, sexy and playful project that I have embarked on with The Lifted Brow. Stranger in the Dark is a conversation in 12 emails between me and 'you'.  You can sign up HERE

And following this I will engage with science and eros with my new novel An Uncertain Grace. You can pre-order a copy HERE

It is not even the end of January and I think I might need a good lie down!

Sex, Gender and Science, three areas that are under attack by the new Trump administration. But this pussy is definitely grabbing back.

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